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-The 2nd collaboration of the popular social game [Alice ・ Gear ・ Aigis] and [Megami device]!

-Plastic model of popular Actres's [Kanshiya Shitara] with Megami device specifications!
-Takeshi Ebikawa is in charge of the design!

-At the same time as the game, three-dimensional lightweight dress gear [Carbachoto] scheduled to be implemented in October 2019.
-Also comes with [Present Code] that you can get an item that can be used in the game as an enclosed bonus!

-[Megami Device] is an assembling model plastic model series that you can enjoy wearing a weapon and armor on a movable beautiful girl body.
-The body adopts `Mashinika` by Maki Asai.
-This is the first installation of the newly developed short version for character reproduction!

[Accessory / Gimmick]
-Kazumi Shitara exclusive present code [new exclusive gear set, new clothes bag, 100,000 gold x 2] is attached.
-Comes with 3 pre-painted look parts.
-It is possible to reproduce [armed mode] equipped with special gear and [body mode] which took off the gear by replacing parts.
-A variety of gear parts are included, such as shot gear, cross gear, top with claw expansion gimmick. You can play assuming a variety of combat scenes.
-Thruster effect for flying pose, Muzzle flash effect for shooting pose are included in clear parts.
-With a movable range of `Masshinika` body marvel, weapon holding pose and sitting pose will naturally come to mind. A newly developed [short stature version] tailored to the character is installed for the first time in this product.
-A popular accessory [Neko Mimi Tail KSs] is included, and it can be replaced if you like.
-3mm diameter holes arranged in each part can be used in combination with the existing MSG Series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl Series, and Hexa Gear Series.
-Includes decals such as eyes and markings.

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