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- First of SHFiguarts Star Wars series, Dark Lord Darth Vader cis.
- Scheduled for release in the summer of 2015, combined with [SHFiguarts Luke Skywalker]
- It can reproduce the confrontation scene in the Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi].
- It is the contents of the pedestal of the initial benefits further liven up its reproduction.

- Fixed model cloak that comes to representing the movement that is uplifting.
- Moveable-coloring is to leverage technology developed under the brand.

- Replacement arm parts to reproduce the state that was slashed to Luke, the lightsaber which is indispensable to the battle comes.
- ABS hard part, skirt necessary range of motion is known by different and the soft material, even material to reproduce more realistic the image in the play.

- Set includes: body, replacement wrist left and right each two, under the replacement arm, lightsaber two

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