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Big Bang Theory Leonard Q-Pop

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Big Bang Theory Leonard Q-Pop

He Wants to Hang Out With You
Leonard Hofstadter, a brilliant experimental physicist, wants to be social, have friends and a girl to love. He’s a gifted geek in search of a connection.

From the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory, Leonard is the hapless straight man in a circle of top-flight Caltech scientists. He endured a tough childhood with a mother as critical, apathetic and socially inept as his current roommate, Sheldon Cooper. He’s hopelessly in love with his pretty next-door neighbor, Penny. He’s as insecure as Sheldon is egotistical — and that speaks volumes.

This Q-Pop® figure captures the lovable awkwardness that is Leonard, with his signature black-rimmed glasses, comfy sneakers and recycling-themed T-shirt. As with all our Q-Pops, Leonard comes with a word bubble and special marker, so that you can add quotes.

Leonard is just one in our series of The Big Bang Theory Q-Pops, so be sure check out our other characters.

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