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ThreeA and Hasbro delivered another masterpiece to the Premium Scale Collectibles with Optimus Prime from Transformers: The Last Knight! This highly detailed and articulated action figure towers at 19 inches and is engineered to perfection.

As part of ThreeA’s Premium Scale Collectibles line, this Optimus Prime figure is designed based on actual film models and references. ThreeA went all-out with this figure, from the immaculate paintwork and weathering, to the engineering of the figure. It has over 99 points of articulation, an impressive feat for such a big figure! Optimus comes with his cybertronian sword, a transforming blaster shield, and a detachable wrist blade. He also comes with an interchangeable battle mask for those crucial battles.

The figure also has LED illuminated eyes that can switch between blue or purple to represent either Optimus or Nemesis Prime. The assortment of accessories, coupled with an impressive articulation setup makes this Transformers figure a sight to behold. Have Optimus Prime tower over the rest of the Autobots, or be in dynamic poses while fighting Quintessa and Megatron’s forces.

Roll out Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots to fight the Decepticon menace! Get ThreeA’s Optimus Prime Premium Scale Collectible Series action figure from Anotoys Collectibles today.

Product highlights:

  • - Official Hasbro-licensed Transformers collectible

  • - Approximately 19 inches tall 

  • - Over 99 points of articulation

  • - LED illuminated eyes

  • - Interchangeable Battle Mask

  • - Blaster Shield

  • - Cybertronian Sword

  • - Detachable Wrist Blade

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