JND Studios The Dark Knight The Joker Hyperreal Movie Statue 1/3 HMS003

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The Dark Knight “The Joker”
1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue

The Joker of The Dark Knight is the 3rd project by JND Studios. As before, we’ve utilized all the techniques JND Studios has to offer to create a hyperreal movie statue we are truly proud of.
The Joker played by Heath Ledger is an iconic character and is still very relevant today, despite the movie premiering more than a decade ago.
The “Hit me” scene was the inspiration for JND Studios The Joker, as we felt that the scene best portrays the psychotic antagonist in his rage.
And every part of The Joker was crafted with great care and skill in order to express the very same villain in statue form.
This project was once again created by art director and co-founder of JND Studios, Kojun.
Along side Kojun’s craftmanship, JND Studios has assembled an in-house hair department in order to better root and style the hair of its characters.
This way, production quality is raised even more, ensuring further, the satisfaction of JND collectors.
The Joker was an opportunity for JND Studios to prove once more why JND statues are special, as we continue to perfect our skills and work to giving collectors what they really want.

• Statue height : approximately 26inches [H:65cm W:31cm D:31cm] • One(1) main piece statue with glass eye, rooted hair, high quality machine gun with hand(1), knife with hands(2), and other hands parts(2)
• One(1) specially designed base

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