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1:3 Scale


The Dark Knight “BATMAN & Bruce Wayne (Duo ver)
Original 1:3 Hyperreal Movie Statue

1:3 Batman of The Dark Knight by JND Studios is a piece that expresses both the meaning and the value that we are looking to convey. To begin the design of the project, we focused on Bruce Wayne’s internal conflict of identities – a theme that is prevalent throughout the entire trilogy. And to reflect this design in the most complete way possible, we created the Dual Version, displaying both Batman and Bruce Wayne on a single base.

Additionally, we created the Single Version to meet the needs of those who only require the most realistic likeness of the piece to the character. The Single Version should undoubtedly satisfy the desire of the statue collector who is looking for the very best figure of Christian Bale’s rendition of Batman.

JND Studios hopes that our collectors will be able to appreciate the meaning and the value expressed in our latest work, a result of much toil and sweat from the great artists here at JND Studios.


• Statue height: approximately 27.5 in (Batman), 26.5 in (Wayne) [ 70 cm, 60 cm, 30 cm]

• Two (2) statues (Batsuit body & tailor suited body)

• Two (2) heads including glass eyes, rooted hair, and silicone skin

• One (1) extra-wide specially designed base


• Prototype samples shown.

• Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

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