King Arts Iron Man Mark XLVI - Mark 46 DFS041 1/9

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Relive the defining moments of Captain America: Civil War with this articulated 1/9th scale Iron Man Mk. 46 figure by King Arts. This articulated diecast figure brings Tony Stark’s Mark 46 armor from Civil War in toy form with its highly detailed sculpt and metallic finish. This figure stands at approximately 9.5 inches and has alloy components for its armor pieces and joints. The overall high-quality design of this Iron Man figure is screen accurate to entice even the most savvy MCU collector, while also articulated enough to reenact signature Iron Man poses and iconic scenes from the movie.

The Iron Man Mk. 46 figure comes with four sets of interchangeable hands for more dynamic posing possibilities, as well as a new light-up base for reenacting flight poses. It has removable panels, notably on its chest, to give the arc reactor section of the armor an opening and closing gimmick to show the inner workings of the armor. What puts the King Arts Iron Man Mk. 46 over the top is its light-up features in over 25 locations in the figure, including its eyes, hands, feet, and chest. Get this Iron Man Mk. 46 collectible figure by King Arts only here at Anotoys!

Product Highlights:

1/9th scale (approximately 9.5 inches tall)

Fully articulated for dynamic posing

Highly detailed, screen-accurate sculpt & armor design

Comes with four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands

Removable armor panels

Light-up feature in over 25 locations

Light-up stage & flight stand

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