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ThreeA and ThreeZero are well-known for their high-end collectibles that strike the perfect balance between articulation and design. These Hong Kong-based companies are famous for their Transformers DLX line, as well as their other figures from famous films, TV series, games, and anime characters.

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    Threezero Transformers Bumblebee Premium Optimus Prime 3Z0162 - Anotoys
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ThreeA & ThreeZero: Redefining Toy Collectibles for All

ThreeZero was founded by Kim Fung Wong back in 2000 and first produced12-inch special forces figures. The brand pioneered metal weapons and accessories for this scale of toys and soon expanded to producing designer vinyl collectibles. Threezero’s iconic gasmask logo was designed by Michael Lau. 

Kim then partnered with Australian comic book artist and illustrator Ashley Wood and founded ThreeA (or 3A) in 2008. ThreeA created designer toys, prints, and other collectibles based on Wood’s designs. Its Showcase line produced toys from other licenses that are not owned by Wood.

Threezero focused more on producing collectibles for its officially licensed properties and expanded its toy lines in 2013. Premium products are for its high-end robot collectibles, DLX collectibles are for robot toys of a smaller scale, and ROBO-DOU are specifically for Japanese mecha anime characters. The FigZero line is for sixth scale action figures of popular anime and tokusatsu characters like Guts, Saitama, Ultraman, and the like.

Both Threezero and ThreeA have numerous licenses from well-known brands and franchises. Among their licenses include characters from Marvel, Transformers, Destiny, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and many more.

2019 saw ThreeA’s closing after 11 years, with the rest of its licenses now being taken over by Threezero. Threezero continues ThreeA’s legacy and Wood’s vision of creating revolutionary collectibles that are the perfect balance between articulation and aesthetics.

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