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The Punisher Premium Format - 300532

1:4 Scale Replica

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1:4 Scale
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No Kingpin can control this Castle. Sideshow presents The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure.

The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure measures 22” tall, as Frank Castle descends the crumbling staircase of Kingpin’s manor. Gold shell casings litter the floor, and while The Punisher might be out of bullets, he’s certainly not out of options in this fight.

Pair The Punisher with the Daredevil Premium Format™ Figure and protect your corner of Hell’s Kitchen with an incredible lineup of Marvel collectibles.

The Exclusive Edition of The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate portrait featuring skull war paint. Camouflage Frank Castle with his iconic death’s head symbol with this exclusive additional display option.

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