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Looking to go beyond the Final Fantasy games to relive epic battles and encounters? Play Arts Kai action figures are here to satisfy your RPG delight! Get these beautifully articulated collectibles today and reach your Limit Break!

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Play Arts Kai: Beautifully Refined & Engineered Action Figures

Play Arts Kai is a follow-up line of action figures by Square Enix. The line was introduced back in 2009 and had figures that have better articulation and came with more accessories. These figures now have an average of 26 points of articulation and are also larger than their Play Arts predecessors.

Since then, PAK figures have released updated versions of popular Final Fantasy characters, from Zack Fair from Crisis Core and Cloud Strife from FFVII, to different versions of Lightning from FFXIII. PAK also introduced the Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts -Kai in 2014 wherein notable Square Enix artists reimagine notable Final Fantasy characters. Other than Final Fantasy characters, Play Arts Kai also makes stylized versions of other popular comic book characters from Marvel and DC.

With the recent Final Fantasy VII remake, Play Arts Kai is back to form with its fresh lineup of fan favorites like Sephiroth, Aerith, Cloud, Barret, and more. 

Shop for the Play Arts Kai Action Figures from Anotoys

Whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan or looking for stylized Marvel and DC action figures, the clean and accurate sculpts and overall playability of Play Arts Kai figures are perfect for you. Get the latest articulated Play Arts Kai figures and other collectible toys for your collection only here at Anotoys Collectibles!

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