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Nova Revol produces modular diorama sets and accessories for figures from 1/18th to 1/12th scale. Nova prides itself on creating quality dioramas that are fun and easy to build and customize. Get Nova Revol dioramas and accessories for your toy photography and display needs.

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Nova Revol: Modular Dioramas & Accessories

Nova Revol first started producing its signature Ubiquitous diorama back in 2017 with the UB-01 Diorama Set. This set is made of ABS double wall construction plastic and features a metallic grey color to add to its industrial and futuristic aesthetic. Nova then followed up the UB-01 with the UB-01LS set with built-in LEDs. Nova also has the UB-EX diorama expansion set with additional components compatible with both the UB-01 and UB-01LS sets.

What’s great about Nova Revol dioramas is that they’re easy to build and require no glue, screws, pliers, or paint during assembly. The look of Nova Revol dioramas is perfect for sci-fi locations like spaceship hallways, hangars, and more. These diorama sets are perfect for 3.75-inch figures and 1/12 scale figures like SHFiguarts, Mezco One: Collective 12 figures, and the like. Nova is currently working on other figure accessories such as its Metal Series of stainless steel diorama props and modular accessories.

Get the Nova Revol Diorama Sets & Accessories at Anotoys

If you need durable dioramas for displaying your 1/12th to 1/18th figures and other toys in scale, Noval Revol Dioramas are the way to go. The dioramas are durable and quick and easy to build. Whether you want a futuristic display setup for your collection or looking for modular pieces for toy photography, Nova Revol has something to offer. Get your sci-fi backdrop needs with Nova Revol diorama sets and accessories only here at Anotoys Collectibles!

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