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My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya - pr2019-0978

1:10 Scale Statue

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1:10 Scale
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 Midoriya to Bakugo

Since he’s a child, Izuku is a very polite, shy yet helpful boy. Harassed by Bakugo whose named him “Deku” (for “Defensless Izuku”) his entire childhood, he has a very low self-confidence. However, after a life-changing encounter with his idol, he enters U.A. high school to make his dream comes true: “saving people with a smile that knows no fear”, like the great All Might does!

Working very hard to be worthy of his newly acquired Quirk, Midoriya’s talent si blossoming little by little until he’s finally ready to step out of Bakugo’s shadow. He’s now able to face and challenge him.

During a test exam at school, Midoriya fights Bakugo and gives his best to win. This Xtra by Tsume’s figure depicts him jumping to punch his friend. The figure comes with an extra head, so you can choose to display Midoriya with his bare head or with his mask torn on it. Both heads feature an look full of the determination of becoming the new Symbol of Peace.

Available : end of November


Izuku inherited All Might’s Quirk One for All by eating one of his hair!

It looks like Ochaco is quite fond of him…

© K. Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project, MBS

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