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Looking for more premium action figures for your 1/12 scale collection or unique horror dolls from notable movie franchises? Mezco Toyz is the perfect brand that offers both cute and vintage-style toys, nightmare fuel dolls and figures, and highly articulated action figures that have a premium feel. 

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Mezco Toyz: for Collectors, by Collectors

Mezco Toyz was established by Michael Markowitz in 2000. The brand’s earlier work revolved around both original and licensed brands like Family Guy, Mortal Kombat, Hellboy, ThunderCats, and the like. One of Mezco’s toy lines, the Living Dead Dolls, received a cult following. These figures are creepy and realistic dolls that are both original designs and licensed characters.

Perhaps the most popular line by Mezco is the One:12 Collective line of 6-inch articulated action figures. These figures combine the premium quality found in sixth scale figures and the playability of other twelfth scale action figures today. These figures often have soft goods and a wide array of accessories included.

The One:12 Collective features various characters from the Marvel and DC Universe, and horror characters like Jason Voorhees, Nosferatu, and Hellboy. Mezco also creates One:12 versions of its original Rumble Society universe like Gomez, Baron Bends and the Aquaticons, Pink Skulls Chaos Club, and Cyber Ryder. Other Mezco products include the Mezco Designer Series (MDS) toys, 5 Points Figures, Mez-Its, and more. 

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Whether you’re a horror figure fanatic or looking to upgrade your 1/12th scale action figure collection, Mezco Toyz is the perfect line for you. Get the latest One:12 Collective products, exclusives, and other Mezco collectible toys from Anotoys Collectibles today!

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