Non Scale Model Kit

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March 31, 2020
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Non Scale
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Model Kit

Product Description
2nd Gigantic Arms compatible with Final Gigantic Combination.

-Can be recombined from the vehicle mode in the image of a sea dragon into a combination with the optional Gigantic Arms Order Cradle.
-The large missile container is equipped with a cover unfolding gimmick and can be used in combination with HexaGear or optional Gigantic Arms.
-The bellows block that composes the serpent head has speaker-like details by opening and closing the cover and can be used for various purposes.
-In addition, the base of the bellows block uses a movable shaft and a ball joint to give a flexible expression.
-The large booster unit with large force adopts hexagram system for connection and can be freely customized by attaching it to hexagear etc.

[Product specifications]
-The bellows block that forms the neck part of the serpent head is divided into 6 sections, and infinite connection using multiple sets is possible. Also, by opening and closing the external armor, the internal speaker details can be exposed and used as a live mode.
-Serpent head head connection is a 5mm ball joint that can be attached to some products of the HexaGear series.
-Serpent head head can be connected at the mouth using special parts.
-Large missile containers can be recreated when the missile is used by opening and closing the cover.
-When combined with the optional Gigantic Arms Order Cradle, it becomes a large arm frame. The joint axis of each part adopts a strong standard of 10mm diameter and can be used as a frame for large recombination works.
-Docking is possible using a 5mm diameter hole conversion part to attach an optional heavy weapon unit 16 over manipulator. You can play as a super large arm unit.
-The large booster unit has hexa-holes and 5mm diameter holes in each part, and can be customized by attaching various parts.
-In vehicle mode, it is possible to board various action models of about 150mm such as Frame Arms Girl.
* Some limitations may not be possible due to shape restrictions.

・ Strike Serpent body x 1
・ 5mm joint x 1
・ Order cradle coalescence parts × 1
・ Auxiliary frame for order cradle combination (left and right)
-5mm diameter hole conversion part for overd manipulator x 1
・ Hexa shaft / 10mm diameter shaft joint x 1
・ Option joints x 1 set
Serpent head connection parts × 1


( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size : 40 x 33 x 12 cm
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