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Cheetara Statue - 200562

1:4 Scale Statue

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March 31, 2020
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Sideshow Collectibles
1:4 Scale
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“Fortune favors the bold.”

Sideshow presents the Cheetara Statue, a bold new addition to the ThunderCats Collection.

Cheetara the Swift measures 15.5” tall as she lunges into battle atop a clawed Cats’ Lair inspired base. She holds her bo staff behind her in this dynamic, energetic pose showcasing the grace and strength of this fierce female Thunderian noble.

The polystone Cheetara Statue features a stylish sculpted costume that draws inspiration from her classic cartoon appearance with an updated aesthetic for Sideshow’s ThunderCats collection. As a dexterous fighter and weapons expert, Cheetara is clad in a yellow and orange jumpsuit detailed with striking silver accents and a red ThunderCats crest. She has feline features, including clawed hands and feet with protective gauntlets and greaves as well as cheetah spots on her hair and shoulders. Around her neck is a gold-colored choker, and her fierce red eyes are surrounded by Cheetara’s signature orange facial markings.

Pair Cheetara with the Lion-O Statue and have them face off for the fate of Thundera against the evil Mumm-Ra Statue as a part of Sideshow’s exciting ThunderCats collection!

ThunderCats are loose- in your collection! Act swiftly and don’t miss your chance to bring home the Cheetara Statue for your own lair of epic ThunderCats collectibles.

Materials: Polystone 
Est. Product Size: Height: 15.5" (393.7 mm) | Width: 13.25" (336.55 mm) | Depth: 12" (304.8 mm)

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