Bruce Lee tribute 1/4 scale statue - pr2019-1120

1:4 Scale Statue

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1:4 Scale
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“Be Water, My Friend” – Bruce Lee –

– One of the greatest stars of the film industry in the 1970s and a cultural icon who had a significant influence in
the 20th century
– The Incomparable fighter and philosopher born with natural talent
– The founder of Jeet Kune Do

These are some of the accolades that Bruce Lee received.
Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bruce Lee, Blitzway wakes the legend up once again!

In this project, Blitzway spent a long time researching and developing in order to express Bruce Lee’s artistic
movements which made the audience hold their breath and his strong expressions which have reached the
highest perfection.
As if Bruce Lee showed his incredible kick in front of us, we portrayed the vivid expressions of muscles and the
exact martial arts pose.
We also designed the dragon-patterned polystone base and nameplate befitting the fame and image of Bruce
Lee, and the majestic flag diorama enhances the magnificent charm of the statue.

Bruce Lee, a true hero, is always alive in our hearts.
Now, watch the beauty of his passionate movement right before your eyes.

“All these years later, people still wonder about how Bruce died. I prefer to remember how he lived.”


  • Head/Hair : PVC & Magnet
  • Body : Skin effect PolyStone & Magnet
  • Hands : Skin effect PolyStone & Magnet (2 Right ha nds, 1 Left hand)
  • Shoes : PVC & Fabric with working shoelaces
  • Nunchaku : PVC, Metal, Rope cord and concealed magnets
  • Nunchaku case : Fabric
  • Bamboo cane : ABS plastic
  • Bracelet : Metal
  • Diorama base :
    Type 1. Limited Gold Version – Polystone & PVC with gold effect plating & etched steel plate
    Type 2. Limited Classic Version – Polystone & PVC with Wooden & etched steel plate
  • Costume : Fabric
  • Bruce Lee Name-plate : Alloy & Gold effect plating
  • Package : Full color EPP & Paper package
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