Bretoys Collectibles & Action Figures

Cosplaying and collecting life-sized collectibles of costumes is another fun and inclusive way to relive iconic characters and film moments. While some prefer to create their costumes and props from scratch, others don’t have the time to make them and would rather get pre-made costumes. Enter Bretoys, a toy company that creates wearable and highly detailed costumes from popular films.

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Be Your Favorite Character with Custom Bretoys Costume Collectibles

Bretoys produces 1:1 scale replicas of iconic costumes like helmets and masks. Bretoys first made a wearable 1:1 scale replica of the goggles and mask worn by Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This release was soon followed up by a wearable cowl of Batman from The Dark Knight, as well as Batman’s Armored Helmet from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

These replicas are mostly made of durable rubber and have inner paddings inside the helmets to have a comfortable fit. They also have movie-accurate details and effects like weathering and light-up features. Bretoys products also come with stylized display bases for these masks and helmets.

Complete your Cosplay & Character Trophy Room with Bretoys

What’s great about Bretoys is that the costumes that they produce are not just wearable for cosplay, but can also be displayed as a collectible, a trophy piece, or as part of an extensive collection. Wear and complete your superhero ensemble with Bretoys!

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