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1/1 Movie 2 Iron Man 2 LED Light Up Arc Reactor - MPS021

1:1 Scale Replica

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King Arts
1:1 Scale
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Product Measurement: 375*190*152MM (Energy plate Box),145MM (Reactor’ height)

Material Used:engineering-plastic ABS +alloy

* Licensed by Marvel!

* Assembled with stainless parts and metal batteries, the energy plate’s box is made of vintage solid wood.

*The energy plate's design is based on actual movie scenes and will automatically insert into the reactor and lock in place with eight protection blocks. The energy plates and protection block will release after the button is pressed again.

* The reactor will emit brilliant blue light when the energy plate is inserted.

* Reactor is made of metal parts and engineering-plastics

* A burned-out cell, as seen in the film, is also provided. There is no light emitted when inserted, creating an authentic feel.
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