1/6 Gandalf the Grey Lord of the Rings - pr-CRW001

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Asmus Toys
1:6 Scale
Action Figure


Product Description

When traveling through middle earth there is no better guide or protector than Gandalf the wizard. Armed with his sword Glamdring and staff he is ready for any foe be it Orc or Balrog.

Product Features

  • Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Ring trilogy.
  • Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body
  • Approximately 11.80" (30 cm) tall
  • Over 36 points of articulation

Box Contents

  • Gandalf figure
  • Hands :
    • One pair of relaxed posture hand
    • One pair of weapon holding hand
    • One pipe holding hand
  • Clothing:
    • One signature grey wizard hat
    • One pair of brown long sleeved inner shirt
    • One dark grey robe
    • One dark grey hooded cloak
    • One brown woven belt
    • One printed blue belt plus sheath holder
    • One pair of brown leather boots
    • One traveling bag
  • Weapons:
    • One wizard staff
    • Glamdring sword
    • One sword sheath
  • Accessories:
    • One interractive custom base of the broken bridge in Moira
    • One Asmus Toys figure stand
    • One display base of Asmus
    • A pipe
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